Fee & Application
  1. Monthly Fee (including milk powder provided by the crèche)

    Monthly fee HK$ 4,385 , varies in individual day crèche. The fee adjustment will be approved by the Government every September. Needy families can apply for Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme. Approval is based on the financial condition of each family and the approved sum to the most extend may cover the whole monthly fee.
Application Procedures
  1. Submit the completed application form to the respective centre or by email.
  2. Appointment for interview is made between the centre and the parents with the baby.
  3. Upon successful screening, the parents would be invited to complete the admission formalities when places are available.

 Please click here for the Day Creche Service application form

 Please click here for the Extended Hours Service application form

Admission Procedures
  1. Parents obtain a certificate from registered physician certifying their baby is healthy and fit for admission to a day crèche.
  2. Parents should bring their ID card together with the original and photocopy of baby’s birth certificate record of vaccination.
  3. Fill in the admission documents.
  4. Pay the monthly crèche fee and other related fee.
Withdrawal Procedure
Inform the Centre at least one month in advance and sign the documents for discharge.